Out of Order Podcast:

How to Change the World: A New Business Canvas for Purpose Driven Companies

December 20, 2021

Purpose-driven companies go beyond their role of offering a product or service: they pursue positive social and environmental impact alongside profit. Social entrepreneurship is a growing trend and new tools are in need to assess its success across economic, social and sustainability lines. In this podcast, Alessandro Rancati, architect turned designer for policy at the EU Policy Lab, met with GMF program manager Laura Basagni to discuss the creation of the Social Economy Canvas, a new tool to empower the design and development of social economy activities. They also explore the work of the EU Policy Lab and its mission to bring innovation into policy making in times of growing complexity.

This podcast has been produced as part of a partnership between the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Policy Center for the New South.

The Policy Center for the New South is a policy-oriented think tank in Rabat, Morocco, striving to promote knowledge sharing and to contribute to an enriched reflection on key economic and international relations issues. By offering a southern perspective on major regional and global strategic challenges facing developing and emerging countries, the Policy Center for the New South aims to provide a meaningful policymaking contribution through its seven research programs: The New South in an Evolving Globalization, Thinking about Africa's Emergence in the New Globalization, Building an Autonomous Africa in an Interdependent World, Understanding Internal African Dynamics, Morocco in a Changing Global Environment, Rethinking the Morocco Economy, and Morocco: the Social and Territorial State.

The opinions expressed in this podcast are the responsibility of the author alone.