Implementing the EU Cybersecurity Strategy: Recommendations From The European Cyber Agora

October 04, 2021
2 min read
Photo credit: your / Shutterstock.com
This report contains policy recommendations on cross-sectorial actions to implement the EU Cybersecurity Strategy.

It draws from the multistakeholder discussions at the European Cyber Agora. The first part of the report finds that multistakeholder input would benefit all sectors, but policymaking still needs a different mindset. The second part concludes that multistakeholder input is a tool to support innovative, collaborative, and institutional policy solutions. The proposed working streams do not intend to exclude other areas of focus, but they can help to implement the EU Cybersecurity Strategy.

Enhance Cross-Sectorial Lines of Communication

Strengthen the linkages between European cyber policy and non-governmental sectors. Create cyber capacity-building projects that familiarize scientists or researchers with policy planning, and host workshops or meetings to facilitate a discourse on how to match their analysis with policy engineering and policy solutions.

Support Civil Society’s Engagement and Improve its Preparedness

Link cyber policy goals to operational civil society platforms that strengthen bottom-up responses to cyberattacks. Create a coordinated regular review of the digital society that measures the resilience of critical infrastructure, but also assesses the preparedness of societies and citizens.

Increase Operational Capacity to Prevent, Deter, and Respond

Improve the efficiency of the EU Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox by strengthening preventive cybersecurity initiatives. Facilitate the release of empirical data for researchers to advance data-driven accountability and incident analysis efforts.

Advance a Global and Open Cyberspace

Resolve the conundrum between EU commitments to open cyberspace and calls for strategic autonomy and technological sovereignty. Develop a credible narrative to convince third countries of the benefits of a democratic cyberspace, and the threat of a splintered Internet.