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Lithuania: How Beijing Deals with Small States via Economic Pressure

June 28, 2022

Lithuania-China relations is an interesting case study for how Beijing deals with small states and how it applies economic pressure on target countries to change policies that it views as damaging to Chinese interests. Tensions in Lithuania-China relations arise from numerous sources, including the decision by Vilnius to withdraw from the 17+1 mechanism between China and Central and Eastern European countries and its agreement to allow Taiwan to establish a representative office in Vilnius under the name Taiwanese Representative Office.

In today’s episode of China Global, Bonnie Glaser speaks with Ambassador Diana Mickevičienė to discuss the drivers of the Lithuania-China friction as well as the circumstances surrounding her departure from China. Ambassador Mickevičienė currently serves as the Lithuanian ambassador to China, operating in exile from Vilnius.

Episode Highlights:

[1:31] Tensions in Lithuania-China Relations

[4:17] 17+1 Mechanism

[15:44] Taiwan Establishing a Representative Office in Vilnius

[22:34] Ambassador Mickevičienė’s Departure from China

[26:50] Lithuania’s History and Lessons for Others

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