Post-Pandemic Order: Former EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström on Europe’s Response and its Economic Future

April 23, 2020
1 min read

Former EU trade commissioner and member of the Swedish Liberals party Cecilia Malmström joins GMF’s Rachel Tausendfreund this week to discuss Europe’s response to the pandemic and its economic future as the coronavirus crisis weighs heavily on all aspects of society. From an initial rush by countries to seal borders and ban exports, back to “better behavior” and cross-border cooperation, the EU response to the pandemic has had no shortage of ups and downs.

Now with another economic crisis now looming over a continent that was hard hit in 2008, Malmström discusses what could happen next as EU leaders debate how to deal with an impending recession. Plus a look at how the global trade landscape will change as a result.

Malmström, who also served as European Commissioner for Home Affairs and Sweden’s Minister of EU Affairs, also discusses her country’s different approach to navigating the pandemic and what life in Sweden is like now.