Reviving the China-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Summit and Putin’s Visit to Pyongyang

June 25, 2024
A conversation between Bonnie Glaser and Yun Sun discussing the recent China-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Summit in Seoul and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent trip to North Korea.

On May 27th, China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea concluded their Ninth Trilateral Summit in Seoul. Leaders of the three countries resumed their highest-level annual meetings for the first time in over four years. At the conclusion of the meeting, they issued a joint declaration that includes six priority areas of cooperation, ranging from sustainable development to economic collaboration and trade.

What were Beijing’s interests and motivations in reviving this trilateral mechanism?

To discuss China’s participation in the trilateral summit, host Bonnie Glaser is joined by Yun Sun, a Senior Fellow and Co-director of the East Asia program and Director of the China program at the Stimson Center in Washington.


Episode Highlights:

[01:18] Reestablishing the Trilateral Leadership Mechanism

[06:14] Outcomes and Deliverables of the Trilateral Summit

[10:37] 2019 Chengdu Denuclearization Agreement

[13:38] China’s Import Ban on Japanese Seafood

[18:07] China on US-Japan-ROK Trilateral Cooperation

[23:58] Warming Russian-North Korean Relations

[29:30] Would Xi Jinping express his concerns with Vladimir Putin?