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Digital Regulation Technology and Democracy

To endeavor to fix this, the DSA will require Big Tech companies to conduct and publish annual impact assessments, which will examine their ecosystem of users and whether or not – or how – recommendation algorithms direct traffic. It’s asking these large platforms to think about the social impact they have.”

Digital Regulation Technology and Democracy

In order to protect human rights online, especially freedom of expression, it’s now necessary to invest in broadband connections and digital skills, while also protecting against surveillance, online violence and discrimination, and cyber-attacks.”

Digital Regulation Technology and Democracy

The declaration updates the internet freedom doctrine so that in addition to a right to connect and not be censored, the signatories also recognize a right not to be surveilled or attacked by propaganda, harassment or cyber attacks.”

Digital Regulation Disinformation Technology and Democracy

Such offers lead many to wonder whether this is all a joke to Musk – or if it is strategic. He has this huge platform and he maintains it by doing unexpected and crazy-seeming things, often he seems to benefit from the chaos. ... Superficially he seems to argue everyone should be able to say what they want on Twitter, which is an attractive argument to some. But this is a special case – it’s about following SEC regulations, not free speech.”

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