Program Description

In response to the security and humanitarian challenges posed by Russia's war in Ukraine, the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST) is launching a new call for project proposals for civil society organizations and media organizations based in the Republic of Moldova.


Projects should be initiated by civil society organizations and independent media outlets legally registered in the Republic of Moldova. The involvement of additional local partners is permitted and welcomed.

  1. Support for refugees coming from Ukraine. Under this thematic area, priority will be given to proposals that enhance social support for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Proposals particularly addressing the emergency needs of vulnerable refugees, such as women, youth and children, people with disabilities, LGBTQI+, and ethnic and racial minorities are encouraged. The following indicative actions are eligible under this thematic area (non-exhaustive list):
  • Humanitarian aid for refugees such as housing, medicine, shelter, transportation, supplies, and equipment;
  • Access to social, employment, legal and mental health services for refugees;
  • Support for refugee access to education, both for youth and adults;
  • Coordination efforts within civil society and/or between civil society and state authorities (city halls, government agencies, etc.) aiming to improve informational resources, efficiency of refugee services, and communication;
  • Anti-discrimination and refugee integration campaigns;
  • Social entrepreneurship initiatives that benefit refugees;
  • Development of policy recommendations; and
  • Any other initiatives that cater to specific needs.
  1. Support for media organizations. Under this thematic area, priority will be given to proposals that support the media’s key role in informing their audiences. The following indicative actions are eligible under this thematic area (non-exhaustive list)
  • Support for media content creators to diversify sources and formats of accurate information through on-the-ground reporting and fact-checking;
  • Exposure of malign actors, their narratives, and dissemination patterns;
  • Content creation to reach diverse  audiences, particularly Russian-speaking communities in the Republic of Moldova;   
  • Development of policy recommendations to limit the impact of false news; and
  • Access to wellbeing services for journalists.

Budget and duration

An award ceiling of $24,999 USD cannot be exceeded. Proposals under $5,000 USD will not be taken into consideration. Management costs (excluding experts) and administrative costs are cumulatively limited to 25% of the overall award.

Applicants are encouraged to include capacity building components enhancing emergency preparedness such as data security or first aid trainings, development of contingency plans, etc.

The minimum duration of a project is 3 months and the maximum duration is 6 months.


Proposals will be received on an ongoing basis. Project proposals must be sent to [email protected]. In order to submit a project proposal, organizations must complete the forms below, in English only:

Only proposals submitted using these forms will be taken into consideration.

Specific calls such as the current one represent additional efforts to address specific issues civil society organizations are facing. To learn more about BST’s ongoing grantmaking program, please visit

For more information, please email us at [email protected].