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January 20 will mark the Biden administration’s first year in office. The new administration was warmly welcomed across much of the European continent and a new spirit of collaboration set in. A year later, headlines are also underscoring significant stumbles of this administration, at home and abroad. How does the administration’s foreign policy record stack up after one year? Has it been able to address the most important global challenges and mend relations with critical allies? Domestically, has President Biden been able to deliver on his main campaign promises, including to work across the aisle with Republicans? How will his record impact Democrats’ chances in the midterms? To reflect on Biden's first year in office, we will speak with political analyst Bruce Stokes and veteran political journalist Ines Pohl in this month’s edition of #TransatlanticTuesdays

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Event Speakers

Bruce Stokes

Visiting Senior Fellow

Bruce Stokes is a visiting senior fellow at GMF. He is the coauthor of GMF’s two recent studies on rebuilding Ukraine and senior editor of the 2022 Transatlantic Trends survey. From 2019 to 2021, he was the executive director o...