About this event

Before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the EU grappled for at least a decade with enlargement fatigue. But Russian aggression spurred the bloc to reassess a range of critical policies, including those related to energy, economy, and security, and to reconsider enlargement, one of the EU's most potent tools. The recent November 8 enlargement package reflects this recalibration. As Brussels launches this ambitious strategy, the trajectory of its association with Türkiye could be transformed. 


Join us for a discussion, hosted in cooperation with the Economic Development Foundation, that explores the evolving landscape of EU-Türkiye relations. A light lunch will be served before the event. 

For further information, contact Ceylan Canbilek at [email protected].

Event Speakers

Kadri Tastan

Non-Resident Senior Fellow

Kadri Tastan is a nonresident senior fellow in GMF’s Brussels office. His research focuses on Türkiye, the EU, transatlantic relations, energy, climate, and trade. Prior to joining GMF, he was an expert on European affairs and ...