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The disinformation war in Ukraine has now moved well past the initial stage and continues apace. Yet, Ukraine seems to be beating Russia at its own game on the information battlefield as officials in Kyiv are treating it as a real front line. So far Russia’s false narratives are effectively being countered in part thanks to Ukraine’s efficient use of social media and an organized effort to provide regular updates. Moreover, private sector companies such as Meta, Google, and Twitter have taken swift action to limit disinformation—much of which specifically targets Russian state-sponsored media. Which narratives do we see emerging in Russian disinformation campaigns? What is Ukraine’s strategy in the information warfare realm? What supporting role can Ukraine’s Western partners play? How can they help Ukraine win the disinfo war?

The Alliance for Securing Democracy has launched a Ukraine-focused version of their Hamilton 2.0 dashboard to provide a summary analysis of Russian government and state-backed media tweets, videos, and articles related to Russia’s war in Ukraine. We will share findings from the dashboard during this event.

If you have any questions, please contact Ulyana Kubenko at [email protected].

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