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The political, economic, and strategic implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine have deeply affected Middle Eastern countries. While the rupture in Russia-Europe energy relations offers new opportunities for regional oil and gas producers, disrupted grain supplies increase socioeconomic pressure on Middle Eastern populations. At the diplomatic level, several Middle Eastern powers have adopted a policy of hedging to manage their national interests vis-à-vis Russia. The risk of an escalation with Iran and concerns about the future of US engagement in regional security affairs also weigh heavily on political decision-making.

How has the war affected Middle Eastern powers’ relations with the United States, Canada, and European partners? What are the long-term strategic implications for the Middle East and current alliances in the region? How should transatlantic allies approach the hedging policy of Middle Eastern partners toward the war? What are the consequences of growing European energy dependence on the Middle East?  

Join us virtually as we explore these and other questions with our guests. 

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