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Many Western countries repeatedly state the need for Ukraine to "win" the war against Russia. The goal of “winning” cannot just be limited to a military victory to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity but must include Ukraine’s full economic recovery and reconstruction. Planning for Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction phase must begin now to mitigate the economic and human cost of eight years of war while at the same time deliver a powerful message of hope to all Ukrainians that a better future lies ahead.
The Open Society Foundations and the German Marshall Fund of the United States are pleased to invite you to a public discussion on “Ukraine's Reconstruction and Recovery: A Modern and Inclusive Marshall Plan for the Way Forward.” The event will take stock of the conclusions of the International Expert Conference on the Recovery, Reconstruction and Modernization of Ukraine, co-hosted by the German Presidency of the G7 and the European Commission in Berlin on October 25. This follow-up event will bring together German, EU, US, and Ukrainian decision-makers, experts, and civil society leaders to share recommendations on making Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery effective, just, inclusive, accountable, and sustainable. The event will highlight recommendations from the recent Conference “From Resilience to Recovery: The Critical Role of Ukrainian Civil Society,” led by Open Society’s Foundation in Ukraine (The International Renaissance Foundation), and the two recent GMF reports “Designing Ukraine’s Recovery in the Spirit of the Marshall Plan” and “A Modern Marshall Plan for Ukraine: Seven Lessons from History to Deliver Hope.”
Speakers will make the case for a more systemic, meaningful, and adequately resourced engagement of Ukrainian civil society, cities, and expert community and improved donor and government coordination in Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction. This event will include speakers and participants joining from Berlin, Kyiv, and Washington, DC. 
Please contact Callie Starn for further information ([email protected]).

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