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Postwar Ukraine faces a daunting challenge: It must generate and sustain the strong economic growth needed to rebuild its economy, raise the incomes of its population, and successfully compete with EU and the broader transatlantic and global economies.
In his latest study, GMF’s Bruce Stokes argues that Ukraine needs to pursue a smart specialization strategy in its economic recovery program, doubling down on its competitive strengths, and making informed bets on the future direction of the global economy and the role Ukraine can play in it—especially at a time when China and, increasingly, the United States and Europe are engaging in industrial policy.
Join us as we discuss how Ukraine, with the support of its allies, can achieve this smart specialization.

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This publication is part of a larger GMF project focusing on Designing Ukraine's Recovery. We thank the following organizations for their continued commitment.

  • Open Society Foundations
  • EY
  • Embassy of Denmark, Washington DC



Event Speakers

Bruce Stokes

Visiting Senior Fellow

Bruce Stokes is a visiting senior fellow at GMF. He is the coauthor of GMF’s two recent studies on rebuilding Ukraine and senior editor of the 2022 Transatlantic Trends survey. From 2019 to 2021, he was the executive director o...