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The US 2022 mid-term elections will have a significant impact on the Biden administration’s ability to implement its program at home and abroad in the next two years. The new balance in Congress will redefine U.S. domestic priorities as well as influence U.S. foreign policy, in particular in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The results of the elections open a new chapter for transatlantic cooperation, and understanding the potential challenges and opportunities is key for allies to design the relationship going forward.

How will the new congressional power structure influence or condition the Biden Administration’s foreign policy objectives, including priorities vis-à-vis Europe, Russia and China? What can transatlantic allies expect from the Congress regarding support for Ukraine, and U.S. leadership in transatlantic security issues in the next two years? In view of the U.S. 2024 presidential election, how will domestic political issues impact the U.S. ability to design and implement ambitious foreign policy initiatives?

Join us for this webinar, organized in partnership with the Canadian embassy in France, to decrypt the implications of the mid-term elections on U.S. foreign and domestic policies, as well as their implications for transatlantic allies.

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