About this event

One year into the conflict, there is still no end in sight for the war in Ukraine. Since the conclusion of the Cold War, geopolitical relations have undergone a dramatic transformation, which was sparked by the conflict in Ukraine. Energy and food sectors being the most affected, due to volatile prices. Economic, social and political ramifications were felt throughout the world. 

In this context, a closer look at the prevailing trends in the food and energy global markets is essential to build plausible macroeconomic and political scenarios for 2023 all the while keeping an eye on 2024. 

Will we be able to withstand further increases in oil and gas prices? Is Europe's structural reliance on Russian gas being reduced? Can Russia compensate for lost European market share by turning to China? Will food inflation continue to make Central Banks' jobs more difficult, exacerbate social unrest, and potentially spark political instability?

We will discuss these concerns in this event with the aid of four experts invited by the Fundação Fernando Henrique Cardoso and The German Marshall Fund of the United States