Brussels Forum Session: Opening Dinner: A Shared Cause, A Meal Shared—Voices from the Region

Andrii Zhupanyn is a member of the Ukrainian Parliament from President Zelenskyy’s “Servant of the People” party and chairman of the parliament’s Subcommittee on Natural Gas. Before joining Ukraine’s legislative body, Zhupanyn spent nine years working as an attorney in prominent Ukrainian law firms, most recently as a senior associate at DLA Piper Ukraine.  Zhupanyn holds an LL.M. degree from Leiden University and is currently studying part-time in the Executive MBA program at London Business School. 

Zhupanyn is a key figure in the development of Ukraine’s energy policy. As chairman of the parliamentary subcommittee on natural gas, he was the main author and key presenter of the draft law on unbundling the Ukrainian gas transportation system from Naftogas, Ukraine’s largest gas extraction company, , and incorporation of an independent gas transmission system operator (TSO). Zhupanyn also prepared and presented key changes to the legislation allowing the production of biomethane (that is, renewable natural gas) in Ukraine. 

Currently Zhupanyn is working on the draft law that is aimed at securing a green transition of Ukraine’s energy sector. He also chairs a multipartisan group of Ukrainian members of parliament called “United for Recovery”.