Jack Kelly is a graduate of the Applied Intelligence program at Mercyhurst University and is currently a Data Investigator for Bank of America. His master’s thesis, "The Nightmare Scenario: Understanding the Plausibility of Terrorist Nuclear Weapon Creation and Use by Black Market and Dark Web Means," researched the likelihood of terrorists to use the Dark Web and black markets to obtain dangerous materials. His Fulbright research is intended to further document the methodologies, tools, and techniques used in open-source investigations by European Union investigators to track and follow nuclear material in black markets and on the Dark Web.

Media Mentions

[A big part of why Russia took the Zaporizhzhia and Chernobyl facilities was their location. Chernobyl is part of the] quickest route from Belarus down to Kyiv [and added that Zaporizhzhia is] on the way [from Russia’s other positions near places like Crimea.]