Joshua Stone is a program coordinator for the GMF Indo-Pacific Program. Based in Washington, his portfolio encompasses Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. He manages the Japan Trilateral Forum, Korea Trilateral Forum, and the Taiwan-US Policy Program, among other programs and projects.

Prior to joining GMF, Joshua worked as a senior researcher at the defense section of the Embassy of Japan in the United States, supporting US-Japan defense coordination and cooperation. Previously, he worked as an open-source intelligence analyst contracted with the US Department of Defense and as a program coordinator with the Japan Desk at the Department of State. In 2023, he was a nuclear public policy fellow with the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center.

Joshua received his bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia and has studied abroad at Yonsei University and Doshisha University. He is a heritage Korean speaker, fluent in Japanese, and a student of Mandarin Chinese.