Richard is a visiting senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund in Brussels. An Irish citizen, he spent over 30 years with Deloitte and led the firm’s government business across EMEA. He also ran Deloitte’s global Brexit program and for several years was the partner in charge of one of the firm’s largest accounts, the European Union Institutions. A senior policy and organizational change advisor, he has been active in European affairs, transatlantic, and pan-European cooperation over four decades. His activities included delivering services to international institutions and national governments, and public affairs services to assist global organizations interact with the EU. He has worked in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and North America.

Richard is a respected advisor on issues including foreign policy and trade, internal market and competition, regulatory reform,  Brexit, social policy, and political communication. He also has considerable experience in performance improvement for government and international organizations—covering strategy, structural change, and digital process enhancement. Earlier in his career he was secretary general of the European Youth Forum and holds degrees from Trinity College Dublin and the London School of Economics.