AI Policy Tracker

August 08, 2023

AI is making headlines daily, and US lawmakers are racing to catch up. Yet the narrative that policymakers are starting from scratch in understanding and setting guardrails for AI and its various uses overlooks the significant number of actions and initiatives taken by the executive branch, federal agencies, and Congress over the past several years.  


It can be hard to keep it all straight. GMF Digital’s AI policy tracker maps US federal action and initiatives on AI, comparing their goals, applications, enforcement, timing, and legal outcomes. The efforts have had varying degrees of follow-through. Agency approaches also vary, with different degrees of enforceability. Other actions focus on the enforcement of existing laws as they apply to AI.  


The tracker presents these major initiatives in reverse chronological order, beginning with the first executive branch actions in 2020. It will be updated periodically over the coming months and complemented by a tracker for EU-level actions.

Last updated: November 3, 2023.