Julia Trehu is a Paris-based program manager and fellow with the Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative (GMF Digital). Her focus is on US and European digital and technology policy, including technology-related trade and investment policy, platform regulation, data governance, and artificial intelligence. Trehu holds master’s degrees in international political economy from the London School of Economics and in international security from Sciences Po Paris, and a bachelor’s degree in history from Princeton University.

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The U.S. should pursue a new digital foreign policy focused on a 'digital policy lab' to foster domestic policymaking, a 'technology task force' to promote international cooperation, and promotion of the White House-led Declaration for the Future of the Internet.
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The digital economy means demand for skilled IT professionals is high in the European Union and from Western multinationals, and these workers leaving Russia due to the impact of sanctions and restrictions on access to international markets and clients could be a boon to Western economies.