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Watching China in Europe: Episode One with Martin Selmayr

March 01, 2021
Noah Barkin
Martin Selmayr
1 min read

Introducing "Watching China in Europe": a new recurring series by the Out of Order team. Hosted by Noah Barkin, a veteran journalist and GMF senior visiting fellow, WCIE will dig into the China-Europe relationship with the people shaping it.

In the first edition of the WCIE podcast, Noah speaks with Martin Selmayr, the influential former adviser to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, about the EU's China strategy. Selmayr was the driving force behind the EU-China strategic outlook (released two years ago this month) that labeled China a "systemic rival".

Selmayr looks back at how the document came together, talks about whether it is still relevant in an era of growing Chinese assertiveness, explains how the EU-China investment agreement fits into the puzzle, and what strategic autonomy means for the EU's positioning between Washington and Beijing.

New episodes of the "Watching China in Europe" series will be posted to the Out of Order feed every few weeks. For more on China in Europe, subscribe to Noah's monthly newsletter at the link below.