GMF’s Warsaw Office is a vital regional hub for cultivating and strengthening transatlantic cooperation around common values and interests in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Baltic region. As the foremost transatlantic institution in Poland and the region, GMF Warsaw serves as an honest broker for public debate across the political spectrum in the spirit of the Marshall plan.

Founded in 2011, GMF’s Warsaw office provides objective and forward-looking analysis through public and private convening as well as through research and policy recommendations by our local experts. GMF Warsaw specifically focuses on three key policy areas:

  • Transatlantic security and defense policy;

  • Emerging threats and information warfare;

  • Governance and democracy in Central Europe and the Eastern Partnership countries.

GMF’s Warsaw Office brings together politicians, policymakers, business leaders, experts, and young professionals to promote stronger connections within the region, wider Europe, and the transatlantic community as a whole. GMF Warsaw strives to contribute to a strong and united transatlantic relationship that guarantees security and prosperity across Europe and the United States.

Warsaw Security Forum

GMF's Warsaw office is the proud transatlantic partner of the annual Warsaw Security Forum (WSF). The Warsaw Security Forum brings together over 1500 participants from across the transatlantic community, including heads of state, ministers, policymakers, business leaders, and representatives from civil society, academia and the media to address today's key security challenges.

Office Experts