About this event

The Black Sea region has an increasingly important role in maintaining security and peace in Europe in light of the war in Ukraine. Russia’s aggression brutally reminds us that the modern realities of war and geopolitical relations call for a deeper approach to European security; we must now consider energy and strategic infrastructure security, cybersecurity and societal resilience, and more. The Black Sea region must also muster regional solidarity to begin revitalizing the economy, and building sound security infrastructure, before stability in the area can be achieved. Only then can reconstruction of Ukraine begin. The panel will address the multiple challenges the Black Sea region faces, the future of its security, and its path to stability.

Event Speakers

Alina Inayeh

Advisor to GMF President

Alina Inayeh is currently advisor to GMF President Heather Conley. She joined GMF in 2007 as the director of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, a project dedicated to strengthening cooperation and fostering developme...