About this event

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Marshall Plan, an audacious and innovative US government program that focused on restoring the economic infrastructure of postwar Europe. Russia's war on Ukraine, China's increasing influence on global affairs, and the wide-ranging impact of technological innovation, climate change, and Covid-19 have brought the transatlantic community and the world to the brink of a new era. The Marshall Plan offers lessons and inspiration as we face these daunting challenges.

As a living legacy to the Marshall Plan, GMF is committed to applying the same shared democratic values, generosity of spirit, and problem-solving to today’s global challenges by developing new policy ideas, fostering a new generation of transatlantic leadership, and, just as the Marshall Plan did 75 years ago, providing hope in a time of crisis.

Please join GMF and the US Mission to the EU as we reflect on the Marshall Plan and its lasting impact on Europe today with European and US perspectives. This event will explore the role of the Marshall Plan in shaping Europe as it is today, showcase the impact that the transatlantic partnership continues to have, and look ahead to the future of cooperation between the United States and Europe.

If you have any questions, please contact Alexandria Chastenet de Gery at [email protected].

Event Speakers