Scott Warren is a visiting fellow at the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University, a new institute focused on strengthening global democracy through powerful civic engagement and informed, inclusive dialogue. Through this role, Scott is teaching an undergraduate class on social entrepreneurship, policy, and systems change, organizing a global network of youth activists and scholars focused on the topic, and helping the university to emphasize its own role as a beacon of civic engagement and democracy.

Prior to the SNF Agora Institute, Scott co-founded Generation Citizen and served as its CEO for more than 11 years. He co-founded the organization at Brown University during his senior year. From that starting point in 2008, Scott has grown Generation Citizen to become one of the preeminent civics education organizations in the country, promoting Action Civics across diverse geographies through best-in-class programming and concrete policy change. He has also served as a social entrepreneur in residence at Brown University and Tufts University, and published a book in 2019, Generation Citizen: The Power of Youth in Politics. Scott was named an Echoing Green Fellow in 2010 and a Draper Richards Kaplan Fellow in 2012.