Funded by and conducted in partnership with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, the Young Strategists Forum seeks to develop a new generation of strategic thinkers and equip them with the skills to successfully navigate a world in flux. Since the inaugural Young Strategists Forum in March 2012, GMF and SPF have built a vibrant program centered on the theme of the US-Japan alliance and security dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region. Held in Tokyo, the program emphasizes the importance of pursuing purposeful grand strategic objectives through an innovative combination of lectures, a 36-hour simulation exercise, meetings with policy makers, diplomats, senior journalists and leading academics, and a study tour that includes a visit to a military facility.

Participants are selected through a competitive process, open to emerging leaders — academics, journalists, policy makers, politicians, business professionals, and military officers — between the ages of 25 and 40, from the United States, Europe, Japan, and other like-minded Asian countries.

Since its creation, the Young Strategists Forum has cultivated a vibrant network of emerging foreign policy leaders. 128 individuals have participated in the Young Strategists Forum, many of whom have risen to prominent positions in their respective professions. Learn more about the YSF alumni network.



The 2024 iteration of the Young Strategists Forum will begin with a half-day, interactive seminar, which will help participants understand strategic competition in the Indo-Pacific. This will be followed by a 36-hour grand strategy simulation led by Zack Cooper, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Participants will take on the roles of the United States and major regional powers as they pursue long-term goals and carefully allocate military, diplomatic, and economic resources while navigating a series of crises. At the end of the exercise, participants will be debriefed on lessons learned. The simulation will be followed by a two-day study tour focused on the US-Japan alliance. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with Japanese experts, politicians, business leaders, and government officials to gain a high-level perspective on Japanese strategic thinking. To give participants an opportunity to share their perspectives on key military, political, and economic issues, GMF will publish a series of papers by Young Strategists Forum participants after the conclusion of the program in Tokyo.

The details of the 2024 Young Strategists Forum have not yet been finalized, but typical program itinerary follows the following format:

• Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo, Japan

• Day 2: Opening Seminar and Grand Strategy Simulation, Part 1

• Day 3: Grand Strategy Simulation, Part 2

• Day 4: Meetings with Japanese Officials, Politicians, and Business Leaders

• Day 5: Visit to Military Facility, Meetings with Japanese Security Experts

• Day 6: Departure

International airfare, domestic travel, meals, accommodations, and ground transportation during the Young Strategists Forum will be covered by the organizers.

GMF's partner in this initiative is the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.


Sasakawa Peace Foundation

If you have any questions, please contact GMF Indo-Pacific program coordinator Julia Pallanch at [email protected].

Six Lessons from a Decade of Asia Strategy Simulations

How can the United States and its allies and partners succeed in the Indo-Pacific and better prepare for long-term competition in the region? Zack Cooper and Aaron Friedberg suggest six lessons drawn from a decade of simulations conducted during GMF's Young Strategists Forum.

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