Exit, Ukraine?

May 22, 2022

In this “Transatlantic Takeaway” episode, hosts Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and Rachel Tausendfreund delve into scenarios to end Russian President Vladmir Putin’s war on Ukraine and how the conflict is changing the global order. Their guests are:

  • Michal Baranowski, senior fellow and director of the GMF office in Warsaw.
  • Gesine Dornblueth, co-author of “Ruhmlose Helden,” a book on a plane crash that changed German-Russian relations, and former Moscow correspondent for Deutschlandradio.
  • Liana Fix, program director for international affairs at the Körber Foundation in Berlin.
  • Joerg Forbrig, senior fellow and director for Central Eastern Europe at the GMF office in Berlin.

This show was produced by Dina Elsayed.