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We really need more people to work on China, in the intelligence community, at the State and Defense departments, and I would argue in places like the departments of Health and Human Services and Education. China policy shapes a lot of these things, and you need people to think about this in a holistic way. ”

Emerging Technologies

The initiative represents a rarely-seen depth of interagency focus on emerging and disruptive technologies in a national security context, with the potential to harness new techniques and tools to mitigate autocratic threats. In the best case scenario, this initiative will help shore up vulnerabilities to illicit technology transfer and violations of export controls on emerging technologies.”

Emerging Technologies

The United States and democratic nations have an inherent advantage – a robust clinical trial process with transparency that can garner global credibility that autocratic nations like China and Russia could only dream of.”

Emerging Technologies Technology and Democracy

Say a handful of American voters in a particular state watches or is engaged by a particular type of content. Then it’s way easier to capture your attention. If they do then decide to put political messages [in your For You page] or amplify certain political content, they know what grabs you.”

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