The Taiwan Trilateral Forum examines the evolving transatlantic strategies in Asia, and Taiwan’s role in them. Beijing continues to attempt to undermine Taiwan’s autonomy and international position. It is exerting pressure on Taiwan’s economy, on Taiwan’s remaining diplomatic allies, and attempting to close off Taiwan’s access to international institutions.  These actions come at a time when transatlantic views regarding Beijing are hardening, yet Taiwan is often not part of the transatlantic conversation regarding China.  In response, the German Marshall Fund (GMF) partnered with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO) to establish the Taiwan Trilateral Forum (TTF) in 2018. TTF facilitates discussion on how Taiwan can contribute to international fora as well as peace and security in the Asian region. The forum is also structured to enable candid conversation about Taiwan’s place in the international system by bringing together policymakers, intellectuals, media, and business voices from Europe, the United States, and Taiwan. By convening in this manner, the Forum also aims to build long-lasting communication networks that can continue among participants beyond the forum.

Topics discussed at past iterations of the Taiwan Trilateral Forum:

  • China One Year After The 19th Party Congress
  • China’s 2019 Defense Strategy: Implications for Europe, Taiwan, and the United States
  • Reinvigorated Authoritarianism: Implications for Democracies
  • Trilateral Approaches to China’s Economic Power and Maritime Ambitions
  • 5G Communications Networks: Economic and National Security Considerations
  • International Religious Freedom: Advancing the Cause in Asia

In addition to the trilateral forum, GMF has organized workshops in Washington, DC and Brussels to develop dialogues and networks between leading voices from U.S., European, and Taiwan governments as well as civil society. These workshops foster candid discussion on Taiwan’s challenges in three areas: E.U.-Taiwan relations, transatlantic cooperation on Taiwan, and Taiwan’s role in the U.S. administration’s Asia strategy.

Program Experts

Program Experts