About this event

We are living in remarkable times at a global inflection point. Russia’s aggression, China’s growing assertiveness and increasing autocratic regimes test our resolve. Now is the time for leaders to step up and shape the future of the transatlantic alliance and Brussels Forum is the place to do this. 

Since 2005, Brussels Forum has led innovation in convening and expert networking and in 2024, Brussels Forum will focus on Atlanticism in Action as GMF, with its democratic and alliance-based lens, supports its global and local networks of policymakers, private-sector visionaries, experts, and community leaders navigate an increasingly complex global and technological realignment. Brussels Forum will focus on driving new thinking and actionable solutions, with a spotlight on disruptive ideas. The 2024 gathering will intensify networking and off-the-record discussions that will complement interactive and newsworthy public discussions and issue-focused roundtables.

This year’s Brussels Forum will be held in-person at Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels, Belgium. In-person attendance is by invitation only. All main sessions will be livestreamed to the Brussels Forum website.