From climate change to racial injustice, cities and their citizens are on the frontlines of global challenges. GMF Cities connects  the United States and Europe at the city level to address our shared challenges. Our high-impact gatherings, peer exchanges, and applied research spark transformative change: When cities learn from and build on each other’s initiatives, the best policies and practices can be replicated at scale.

GMF Cities has an extensive and successful history of working cooperatively with public, private sector, and NGO leaders to apply these insights to improve local and regional policies and programs. GMF Cities supports these individuals in expanding their transatlantic network, growing their policy expertise, and developing their leadership skills.

We work with and for transatlantic cities that:

  • further and fortify democracy;
  • see that there is agency for all;
  • promote justice – social, economic, and climate; and,
  • drive enterprise and entrepreneurship to social good.

Our  theory of change in cities involves, and even requires, cross-sector collective action around a shared mission tapping all sectors. We recognize the importance of public sector involvement to achieve scale and systems change and the need to drive private sector involvement and investment toward social good. We spread innovative practices and policies to cities using creative platforms and approaches.

As a team, GMF Cities are

  • problem solvers on big issues with local participants;
  • bridge builders to all layers and levels of government;
  • translators of international dialogue and debate;
  • developers of research and policy outcomes; and,
  • curators of impactful convenings.

Provocateurs that bring out the best in civil discourse and local leadership Baltimore to Bilbao. Leipzig to New Orleans. Oakland to Essen. We help cities learn from each other and change how they serve their citizens. Together with partners, we spread what works now in democratic values and governance from the municipal to the multinational. 

Democracy Actions in Cities

A resource of practical ideas and actions from cities around the world that strengthen democracy.

Global Declaration of Mayors for Democracy

The global declaration recognizes the important role of mayors as champions of democracy who are addressing urban challenges through the lens of democratic values.

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GMF is a proud partner of the European Alliance of Cities and Regions for the Reconstruction of Ukraine.