The Geostrategy Hub provides policymakers and business leaders on both sides of the Atlantic with in-depth and comprehensive analyses of the political, economic, and strategic trends impacting them. GMF’s audiences require holistic risk management that integrates policy planning and resilience in an international environment increasingly defined by geopolitical competition, environmental crisis, and hybrid threats. GMF's Geostrategy Hub meets this need through a three-fold approach: 

  • Early-Warning Analysis: We monitor and identify emerging risks and provide quick and well-informed analyses of sudden shifts in the geostrategic environment.  

  • Forward-Looking Analysis: We anticipate political, economic, and strategic patterns at the national, regional, and global levels and provide recommendations for risk mitigation.  

  • Policy Innovation: We innovate by elaborating a new vision and a positive agenda for transatlantic cooperation in addressing and managing (geo)political and economic risks.  


America Votes 2024: The Transatlantic Impact

The 2024 US presidential election is set to significantly impact the transatlantic partnership, while the campaign is increasingly vulnerable to misinformation and false narratives guided by hostile countries. GMF experts analyze the impact of the 2024 US election on transatlantic policy debates and offer insights into evolving threats to US democracy.

EU Elections Series

The European Parliament elections in 2024 will shape the EU's political direction over the next five years and, therefore, constitute a defining moment. In this series, GMF experts discuss the impact the elections will have on EU policy in key areas, consider what can—and should—be done before the elections, and outline potential post-election scenarios.



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