Covidocracy: Assessing the Coronavirus Impact on Democratic Systems

Sam Matheny
Leslie Herod
Yascha Mounk
Zsuzanna Szelenyi
1 min read
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GMF's Leadership Perspectives · Covidocracy: Assessing the Coronavirus Impact on Democratic Systems

From consolidation of power in Eastern Europe, to escalation of systemic racism in the United States and the increasing inability of democracies to address the aspirations of their communities, the coronavirus has exacerbated social and economic fracture points that have been building for years.

In this Leadership Perspectives episode, GMF is joined by CTO and Executive Vice President of the National Association of Broadcasters Sam Matheny (MMF '07), Representative Leslie Herod (MMF '14), GMF transatlantic fellow Yascha Mounk, Ph.D., and former Hungarian member of Parliament Zsuzanna Szelenyi (MMF '93), to discuss how the coronavirus has affected our democratic institutions and exacerbated building tensions, as well as the possible outcomes of regarding how these developments will impact societal and institutional norms.


Leslie Herod (MMF '14),

Yascha Mounk Ph.D.,

Zsuzanna Szelenyi (MMF '93)

Host: Sam Matheny (MMF '07)

Executive producer: Filip Vojvodic Medic

Production manager: Nathan Sheridan

Audio mix: Vojno Dizdar

Music: Vojno Dizdar