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The Quad is trying to emphasize that it has a positive agenda, which is much more about delivering what the Indo-Pacific region needs -- versus becoming an anti-China, NATO-like entity, which is a reputation that it's been trying very hard to combat in the region.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

European leaders and policymakers are convinced by India’s position and understand the stand it has taken. It is also important to note that India’s position has evolved as the (Ukraine) war has worsened, civilian casualties have increased and effects of the conflict are now being felt beyond the borders of Europe.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

India has realized that Europe can be an important partner in building India’s domestic resilience and capacities—several new partnership agreements with Europe have focused on increasing trade and investments, green partnerships for tackling climate change, new technologies, and defense manufacturing.”

Climate Change Foreign Policy Trade, Economics, and Business

Our diplomatic energies are no longer focused on the capitals of Paris, Berlin and London. India is starting to develop new partnerships with Europe’s sub-regions. India and Denmark, for example, signed a unique Green Strategic Partnership in 2020 – which will focus on dealing with climate, advanced technologies, and renewable energy. These are all crucial for India for building domestic resilience and capacities.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

But India, like many in the region, does not want to fall in the “West versus the rest” dichotomy. It needs to work with Russia because it faces an aggressive China. As Moscow and Beijing grow closer, New Delhi may not have a choice but to revise its position.”

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