Future of Democracy

The surge of authoritarian threats, political polarization, and widening social inequalities continue to fuel democratic backsliding and undermine the democratic values on which our systems and institutions rest. The urgency to confront these global crises require societies to strengthen their resilience and reimagine democracy’s future.

Global Implications of China's Rise

In a world reshaped by China’s growing economic might and influence, the United States and Europe have struggled to adjust and respond to this new geopolitical reality. As the implications of China’s rise prove costly, the ability to compete and defend will require coordinated action.

Security and Geopolitics

The international order faces mounting pressure. Revisionist states, emerging powers, and new threats proliferate. Cooperation between the United States and Europe is foundational to meeting today’s security and geopolitical challenges.

Technology and Innovation

Emerging technologies and innovations are rapidly changing the world around us, bringing new opportunities for connectivity and economic growth, while also deepening the digital divide. As trends in technology accelerate, leveraging and safeguarding their use and monitoring the pace in which they progress will be crucial.