About this event


  • Geoffrey R. Pyatt, U.S. Ambassador to Greece
  • Marios Lysiotis, Cypriot Ambassador to the U.S.¬†
  • Thanos Dokos, Greece National Security Advisor
  • Shimon Stein, Senior Research fellow at INSS, Former Israeli Ambassador to Germany¬†


  • Alexia Tasouli, Diplomatic Correspondent, Open TV

The Eastern Mediterranean is a pivotal crossroad between Asia, Africa, and Europe. The region is strategically important from an economic and a security standpoint, not only for Europe but also for the United States. The 3+1 initiative aims at increasing stability by bringing together Greece, Israel, and Cyprus to work on critical issues. In this conversation, officials from the 3+1 countries explain the strategic logic of the initiative against the backdrop of increasing great power competition.

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