About this event

Believing in the power and value of discussion, the Open European Dialogue (OED) offers an MP Open Call to give national members of parliament the chance to engage in discussion and exchange information, contributing to the prerogative of the OED to promote a culture of debate and mutual listening for better policymaking.     

MP Open Calls: Your Direct Line to Europe’s Policymakers   

MP OPEN CALLS are your opportunity to connect, informally and regularly, with other members of parliament from the network and gain first-hand information on the political situation in other countries. The open format provides maximum flexibility: no registration is required, you can make topic suggestions spontaneously, and issues can be discussed confidentially in small groups of parliamentarians.   

Call Preview

As pressure on the Russia-Ukraine border continues to build, network members have expressed interest in discussing the current situation in Ukraine and the state of play of Russia-EU relations, as seen from different parliaments and countries across Europe.   

We will be joined by Nona Mikhelidze, Head of the Eastern Europe and Eurasia program at the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in Rome.  

  • Set the agenda. What are you currently working on in your parliament? How are these issues relevant to other policymakers?   

  • Open conversation. Ukraine and the state of play of Russia-EU relations as seen from different countries in Europe.     

  • What else can you do? Identify opportunities for cooperation across parliaments.  

Power of Initiative 

Other members of parliament want to hear about the issues you are working on now. These calls are your opportunity to informally explore avenues of collaboration across parliaments.   

You are encouraged to volunteer your expertise on a subject relevant to other members’ parliamentary work and explore exchange avenues across countries. The Open European Dialogue team will provide the right format to carry your initiative forward, such as a Policy Workshop, an OED120 Policy Deep-Dive or the brand-new OED POLICY SPRINT. Learn more about our exchange formats here.  

All activities are held following OED House rules

All members of parliament are welcome to participate. Are you a parliament member and want to join the Open European Dialogue? Find out more.   

Please reach out to Adriano Rodari ([email protected]) for further information.