Out of Order Podcast: What to Watch in 2019, Part One

December 21, 2018
1 min read
Photo Credit: Alexandros Michailidis / Shutterstock

It’s time to say “Goodbye, Au Revoir, and Auf Wiedersehen” to 2018. It was another significant year for the transatlantic relationship: Brexit chaos and the U.S. midterms, fake news and a Facebook reckoning, Merkel 2.0, and the Macron backlash. Out of Order recounts the year’s consequential moments for relations between Europe and the United States, and how this all sets the stage for 2019.

In the podcast adaption of the new blog post, “What to Watch in 2019,” the Out of Order hosts—with cameos by various German Marshall Fund experts from around the world—weigh in on what to expect in 2019 when it comes to transatlantic trade battles, China, and U.S. and European domestic politics in Part One of this two-part special.

Note: Out of Order will be taking a break for the holidays! We will return the week of January 14th with Part Two of our "What to Watch in 2019"