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The key piece for this [cyber ambassador] role will be casting them in a cohesive, coordinated light, such that they're swimming in the same direction, as opposed to having potentially conflicting priorities.”

Cybersecurity Technology and Democracy

The Senate's passage of the CHIPS+ bill is welcome bipartisan progress on one of the most critical technology issues the US faces. This kind of government investment... can help check the rising tide of economic pessimism that feeds nativism and polarization. Big bets like this bill are exactly what's needed to jumpstart the optimism that motivated previous generations to invest in the future and each other.”

Cybersecurity Foreign Policy Technology and Democracy

If we’re talking about addressing issues like cyber and updating diplomacy in development to meet 21st-century challenges, you really need to have this in place, otherwise you’re missing a key component of the legislative process. It really forces members together on both sides of the aisle to have to deal with these very difficult issues.”

Cybersecurity Technology and Democracy

There is a growing sense they have a moral obligation to ensure their sites are not exploited at a time of crisis. The Russian playbook is clear — and the companies are under pressure not to wait to act against fake accounts or malign influence activity until after they are used to interfere with humanitarian assistance or inflame the conflict.”

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