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Cybersecurity Elections

In the current hyperpolarized atmosphere, modems in voting machines are now not only a potential target for cyberattacks, but, perhaps more importantly, information operations seeking to cast doubt on the legitimacy of U.S. elections.”

Cybersecurity Elections

There have been times when election officials had to take on wearing a cybersecurity hat, they had to wear the public health hat, they’ve had to wear the election law hat. In each of those instances, they had to acquire a certain amount of knowledge.”

Cybersecurity Elections

[Political campaigns are] probably some of the least-equipped institutions in our society to prioritize cyberthreats because of the incentive structures that they face being short-term organizations, where the risk-benefit calculus … doesn't often come out in favor of creating more protections,”


The key piece for this [cyber ambassador] role will be casting them in a cohesive, coordinated light, such that they're swimming in the same direction, as opposed to having potentially conflicting priorities.”

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