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Digital Regulation Emerging Technologies Technology and Democracy

The tech sector is so innovative and creative and allows people to do so many things we never could have imagined before. We can't lose our sense of wonder about it all, and because there are these new opportunities, I do think the industry is going to try to put a lot of these problems behind it before we move into this new era. ”

Foreign Policy Technology and Democracy

The Chinese Communist Party likely feels threatened by the Biden democracy narrative and feels compelled to reaffirm that it puts the people first. Of course, the people come after the party and the preservation of its role, but that is left unsaid.”

Digital Regulation Disinformation Technology and Democracy

Facebook [should] adopt a kind of “circuit breaker,” where the share button is automatically but temporarily removed on content that starts getting deep reshares very quickly, until the content can be evaluated. Something like this, could have stopped the disinformation video “Plandemic” from getting millions of views before it was ultimately removed from the site.”

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