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Emerging Technologies Technology and Democracy

Say a handful of American voters in a particular state watches or is engaged by a particular type of content. Then it’s way easier to capture your attention. If they do then decide to put political messages [in your For You page] or amplify certain political content, they know what grabs you.”

Technology and Democracy

Most owners of these platforms have had to remain neutral on issues related to politics and geopolitics. [Musk's] freewheeling style of communicating with authoritarians is certainly going to create challenges with how the platform is perceived.”

Elections Technology and Democracy

History has demonstrated that people have already made up their minds when things happen too close to the election. But the midterm elections are far enough away that the public opinion benefits of this legislation may have some time to settle in.”

Technology and Democracy

Too many groups like Children’s Health Defense have been allowed to flourish on social media for too long. The group remains on Twitter. Today’s step is too late and too little. Tech companies must address the reasons misinformation spreads so readily on social media.”

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