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Elections Technology and Democracy

History has demonstrated that people have already made up their minds when things happen too close to the election. But the midterm elections are far enough away that the public opinion benefits of this legislation may have some time to settle in.”

Technology and Democracy

Too many groups like Children’s Health Defense have been allowed to flourish on social media for too long. The group remains on Twitter. Today’s step is too late and too little. Tech companies must address the reasons misinformation spreads so readily on social media.”

Disinformation Technology and Democracy

It even leaves up RFK Jr’s public Facebook page. In addition, both RFK Jr and CHD remain active on Twitter, showing how inadequate the Whac-A-Mole approach is to conspiracy campaigns. Instead platforms must address the algorithms and other design loopholes that allow their sites to be weaponized in the first place.”

Cybersecurity Technology and Democracy

The Senate's passage of the CHIPS+ bill is welcome bipartisan progress on one of the most critical technology issues the US faces. This kind of government investment... can help check the rising tide of economic pessimism that feeds nativism and polarization. Big bets like this bill are exactly what's needed to jumpstart the optimism that motivated previous generations to invest in the future and each other.”

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