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If European companies pull out of Lithuania because of this Chinese coercion, then Beijing will have won and the lesson it will draw from this is that it can pressure European countries to tow its red lines.”

Trade, Economics, and Business

I find it hard to believe Moscow would want full rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia. If the border came down, if there was more inter-dependence in the region and stability, then there would be less dependence on Russia.”

Trade, Economics, and Business

The importance of RCEP for China is primarily in strengthening the trend toward intraregional trade, with China as every country's number one or number two trading partner. RCEP also strengthens China's narrative that it is an active participant in multilateral trade deals, while the US is not.”

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Trade, Economics, and Business

There was a high level of concern within the Tsai administration that this pork referendum would pass. [If the pork import ban had been approved by Taiwan’s voters,] it just would have been very consequential for the U.S.-Taiwan trade relationship.”

Trade, Economics, and Business

We got this scientific miracle. We had a vaccine that was available six to nine months earlier than anybody had really believed in 2020...What that meant was that the second half of 2021 saw basically a general reopening in all of the advanced economies, and that certainly was a massive positive surprise.”

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