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Global Implications of China's Rise Security and Geopolitics

Taiwan President Lai Ching-te faced China's largest-scale military exercises in nearly two years during his first week in office, with one analyst telling Newsweek she expects more to follow. "This is the exercise season, so I expect more military drills around Taiwan intended to intimidate and warn the new Lai administration against pursuing independence actions," Bonnie Glaser, managing director of the Indo-Pacific Program at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, told Newsweek. (...) In a diplomatic coup for China, the Pacific island nation of Nauru announced it was switching official ties from Taipei to Beijing, becoming the 10th Taiwan ally to do so during Tsai's two terms as president. This left only a dozen countries maintaining official ties with Taipei. "Beijing also may poach one of Taiwan's 12 remaining diplomatic allies, if there is one that is willing to be bought off," Glaser said.”

Domestic Politics and Society Elections

Hsiao stands out as doing a really outstanding job in... advancing the interests of Taiwan. She understands how Congress works, its key role in supporting Taiwan, but also how to work with the executive branch and Congress at the same time. Taiwan loses something by having Hsiao leave Washington.”

Defense Cooperation Global Implications of China's Rise International Meetings Security and Geopolitics

It’s a little early to pop the cork on the Champagne. I’m not convinced that they are actually going to take serious action to prevent military accidents. They don’t want to eliminate all the risks for the U.S. military if it operates near their coastline. I’m not sure they’re going to answer the phone in an emergency.””

Defense Cooperation Security and Geopolitics

We're involved in two wars. And then a second layer of concern... is our presidential election next year and whether this emphasis on the Indo-Pacific and an emphasis on cooperating with allies, building these coalitions, whether that's really going to be sustained.”

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