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Foreign Policy

China needs a strong, capable Pakistan, to continue to function as an effective counterbalance to India. It’s important that they’re not seen to let Pakistan down, because if they let Pakistan down in this situation, then the message to everyone else is that they can’t be relied on.”

Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

At a time when European countries are increasingly looking toward the Indo-Pacific, Japan wants to emphasize that what happens in Europe matters for the Indo-Pacific and vice versa.”

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Defense Cooperation Foreign Policy

Beijing has harshly criticized the Quad and will not be happy if (South Korea) becomes involved, but it will probably voice its concerns in a way that sends a warning signal but leaves the door open for a positive bilateral relationship.”

Foreign Policy Trade, Economics, and Business

The Quad is trying to emphasize that it has a positive agenda, which is much more about delivering what the Indo-Pacific region needs -- versus becoming an anti-China, NATO-like entity, which is a reputation that it's been trying very hard to combat in the region.”

Foreign Policy

It is important for the focus to remain on the provision of public goods in the region. But it is, of course, not true to say that there is no security component to the Quad. I think we will see that grow a bit in this upcoming meeting.”

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