Stephen R. Covington

Eka Tkeshelashvili is a distinguished visiting fellow with GMF’s Transatlantic Democracy Working Group (TDWG). She works on anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine and provides expertise on Georgian civil society and the geostrategy of the Black Sea region.

Tkeshelashvili previously served as Georgia’s deputy prime minister, minister of justice, minister of foreign affairs, National Security Council secretary, and state minister for reintegration. She also established and led the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine and the Support to Anti-Corruption Campion Institutions, the two largest international assistance programs dedicated to countering corruption in Ukraine. 

Tkeshelashvili is a professor at Kyiv’s Civil and Political School and at Tbilisi’s Black Sea University, and leads the Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies. She holds a master’s degree in international law from Notre Dame Law School, a certificate in human rights law from Oxford University, and a diploma in law from Tbilisi State University.