GMF’s Paris office is the only transatlantic think tank in France, a vital player driving the policy discourse through forward-looking, independent, and comparative analysis and convening, with a focus on risk analysis and anticipation.  

Our office convenes high-level events, both public and private, and conducts policy research with practical recommendations on seven key issues: 

  • US foreign policy and transatlantic relations 
  • French foreign policy and European affairs
  • Security and defense
  • Relations with China and the geopolitics of Asia
  • Global governance and trade 
  • Innovation and technology
  • Inclusive leadership  

Our activities are supported by French, European and US institutional and corporate partners. The Paris Business Alliance allows companies to become members and partners of GMF and benefit from GMF’s expertise and networking opportunities, bringing the private sector into the essential transatlantic conversations of our moment. 

Business Alliance

Created in 2018, the Business Alliance is a membership program allowing French companies to access a selection of activities designed to provide a high-level discussion platform to foster understanding of European and US perspectives on emerging strategic issues, to anticipate potential tensions between transatlantic players, and to highlight existing synergies and areas of convergence and cooperation. The details of the partnership are defined in collaboration with the company to offer a range of deliverables tailored for a particular activity sector. Some of our current and past partners include Airbus, BNP Paribas, Air Liquide, Michelin, Valeo, AXA.