Alliance for Securing Democracy

The Alliance for Securing Democracy develops comprehensive strategies to deter, defend against, and raise the costs on autocratic efforts to undermine and interfere in democratic institutions.

Asia Program

GMF’s Asia Program advances US and European coordination and cooperation on the Indo-Pacific, a region which promises to be the center of gravity in global geopolitics for decades to come.

Balkan Trust for Democracy

The Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD) is an award-winning transatlantic initiative that supports democracy, good governance, and Euro-Atlantic integration in South-East Europe.

Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation

The Black Sea Trust fosters a vigilant civil society—the key to democratic progress, social advancement, and conflict resolution in the countries of the Black Sea region.

Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative

The Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative (GMF Digital) is dedicated to ensuring that technology supports democracy, security, and prosperity in the United States, Europe, and around the world.

Engaging Central Europe

Engaging Central Europe empowers civil society to protect, revitalize, and renew democracy in the heart of Europe.

Fund for Belarus Democracy

The Fund for Belarus Democracy makes support available to citizen initiatives, independent media, and vulnerable groups, enabling them to resist the dictatorial regime and work towards the democratization of Belarus.

Mediterranean Program

The leading transatlantic platform on Mediterranean affairs.

Leadership Programs

The preeminent incubator of the most promising global leaders.

GMF Cities

Cities are the laboratory for the future of democracy. Through transatlantic exchange, GMF Cities works towards inclusive, sustainable, and globally engaged cities.