Geostrategy North provides analysis and facilitates convening on geostrategic questions affecting Northern Europe - the Nordic countries, Baltic States, UK, Ireland, North America, and the Arctic. It also serves to provide policy guidance on defense and security topics closely associated with the region, including resilience, hybrid warfare, and feminist foreign policy.

Geostrategy North seeks to

  • Provide groundbreaking research and policy insights into Russia’s future posture, and how Europe and North America will need to defend themselves against present and future threats.
  • Provide policy guidance on how the Arctic countries should cooperate, especially on security and defense issues.
  • Facilitate a better understanding of how U.S. defense priorities and strategy will affect the presence of U.S. resources in Europe in the long term.
  • Build greater understanding of European security issues across the United States.
  • Provide insights and policy guidance on how to address energy security challenges in Europe.


Projects and Initiatives