The mission of GMF East is to provide policy ideas and create space for debate about reshaping the future of the European security order – especially by addressing the overall question of how to win the confrontation between authoritarian Russia and the democratic West that is playing out on the Alliance’s eastern front. The pivotal areas where the success of this mission will be determined is the future of democratic Ukraine, the future of NATO including its force posture, and the state of democracy in Central Europe. In the coming years, if the nature of the regime in Moscow changes, GMF East would also focus on developing ideas for a new relationship between Russia and the West.

Polish General Election 2023

The 2023 Polish General Election, held on October 15, wasthe most consequential for the country since 1989. The outcome would have far-reaching implications for its relations with the EU and the US, the future of its democracy, and Poland’s support for Ukraine’s war effort.

In preparation, GMF has collated insights and analysis to dive why they matter and what could come of it.

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