New and emerging technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) have enormous potential to advance scientific research, improve resource delivery, and promote efficiency. At the same time, misuse of these technologies can undermine democratic values. AI deepfakes threaten to erode transparency and trust in elections, ungoverned critical applications of AI can create risks, and generative AI can supercharge influence campaigns. 

GMF Technology works to advance a positive, rights-respecting vision of democratic innovation that can be globally attractive. In a historic election year, GMF Technology is tackling the problem of AI deepfakes in elections. Our work with the Canadian Broadcasting Company in Mexico advanced the first implementation of democracy-affirming content authenticity technologies in major media coverage of an election. GMF Technology is also mapping consequential instances of deepfake deployment in 2024 elections around the globe to inform policy stakeholders about their cadence, frequency, and impact. 

GMF Technology develops solutions that bake democratic values into the innovation and governance structures of technologies. We shape the AI governance conversation and advance it through concrete policy recommendations and in-depth research and analysis.

Advancing Democracy-Affirming Content Authenticity Tech in Mexico's 2024 Elections

Baking democratic values into innovation and governance structures